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Feature documentary, 2023

Director of Photography

A young, queer Muslim woman is grappling with the decision to come out to her devout mother, and ends up marrying her boyfriend to evade silent disapproval.

This is a mother-daughter love story that reveals the often unseen intricacies of coming out and of seeking common ground and family.


Director, producer, editor: Sandra Itäinen
Director of Photography: Uwa Iduozee

Producer: Chelsi Bullard
Composer: Sarah A. Ibrahim
Executive Producers: Marc Smolowitz, Fawzia Mirza, Andria Wilson
Consulting Editor: Rabab Haj Yahya
Consulting Producer: Deborah Dickson

Colorist: Marika Litz

Supported by:

Gotham Documentary Feature Lab & Gotham Week
NYSCA/NYFA Artist Fellowship
Brooklyn Arts Council
Berlinale Diversity and Inclusion DocSalon
DOK Leipzig / DOK Industry
Arts Promotion Centre Finland (Taike)
Only in New York DOC NYC
p.h. balanced films

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