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I'm a Finnish-Nigerian documentary filmmaker, cinematographer & photographer based in New York City, US and Helsinki, Finland. I work from a documentary style approach, bringing my experience within the field to anything ranging from documentary film to commercials and music videos.


In my personal work I try to expand the ways in which we understand blackness by challenging the traditional framework of its visual representation and by telling the stories of people that in many cases are ignored. The central themes of my work revolve around questions of identity and belonging. I believe it’s vital to understand the ways in which narratives shape our understanding of reality and how they can be re-envisioned to create a platform for the people whose lives have been affected by reductive and simplistic portrayals.


I've graduated from the graduate program in Documentary Media Studies at The New School and have a Bachelor's degree in Photojournalism from the University of Tampere.

Exhibitions and competitions

2021 THey Walked on Water exhibit at Helsinki Biennial 2021

2021 Blind Spot(s) exhibition at K1-gallery in Helsinki

2019 "They Walked on Water" exhibition at Festival of Political Photography at the Finnish Museum of Photography

2019 Portrait Honorable Mention in Finnish Press Photos 2018 competition

2019 Finnish Press Photos 2018 exhibition at Mediatori Sanomatalo, Helsinki.


2017 Winner of Short Documentary Film category at the international College Photographer of the Year with "A Part of Mom"

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